An Idea Occurs to the Best,

And To The Better --

...brilliant ideas occur to the most innocent of all...



Bill Maher showed complete irreverence displaying burka-clad models in a comedic fashion show. Double-entendres indicated hiding boy toys beneath the burkas...but then, I even chuckled because it is part of my culture... The author has based her research on peer reviewed papers written on the subject of feminism and the mideast. She realized during her research that the topic of the burqa was exploited during the U.S. invasion into Afghanistan.





As though they never spoke up for what they wanted...

As if the U.S.A. ever passed the E.R.A.



American Muslims Unveil Their Truth

Even Ensler on Terror

The Philadelphia Inquirer, in 2010, published that the Americas give and elect their country's women to powerful positions. Even though this includes the women in the U.S.A., the U.S.A. women rank 72nd in female legislative representation...The Americas, as a whole, show the U.S.A. that they, not us, have more respect toward feminine leadership.

Does it surprise you? Does it puzzle you, annoy you? Don't you wonder WHY? Is this a healthy democracy?

























Why Not Cover Up -- Yourself!


Considering a widely held U.S. belief, Islamic women have worn the Burka for nearly 1600 years. This hardly shows that burkas are any invention of Islamic cultures, Islam being established after 500 C.E.

It wasn't until five days after the WTC disaster that even I was to hear of burkas, or even of Muslim terrorists. Thanks to our enlightening media, I own a strong image: that is a fabric, a dark ghoulish grim reaper shape. A woman covers herself, one who is subjugated and mistreated; is this a symbol used by feminists? Or is it one more iconic signal to save the "poor" burka-clad followers. THE BURKA COVER UP

western assimilation

How much do burkas matter, to me, a U.S. woman who has yet to swallow her own national culture? After spitting out bitter chunks of my own surrounding, U.S.A. brand of cultural nonsense for more than forty years, I had not heard of a burka. After finding more about my issue, the "Burka," I learned three things:

First, Islam is a religion similar both to Christianity and to Judaism: all three focus on one God. Secondly, the most pious, religious and forgiving, "onward" Christian soldiers, for more than ten centuries, have supported the nation's own self-serving and gorged right-wing for God's purpose, war industry. Complacently, U.S. citizens rightfully hear government stated purposes for invasion... is it the innocent [gullible] freedom fighting citizens who are needing to swallow now? One reason to keep spending billions of dollars on tax-payer war tools has been usually to globally "save the women and the children." Third, Islamic women aren't like U.S. women, probably never will be, practically don't want to be, and definitely appear to dislike the sundry of various U.S. imperialistic ideas which aim to change them, even in their own homeland.

Freeing them to unveil at some points, only launched a U.S. self--serving fashion and cosmetic industry. Covering. To cover their hearts and minds with more ludicrous barriers. Barriers, they think, maybe? No, fashion and cosmetic are appearance enhancers, they argue. Enhance your appearance, I urge, but please do not obstruct intelligence or heart.

First of all, more dollars per year are spent on war than there are people in the world!

Second of all, Burkas have been around before the invention of the Islamic God, Allah.

Third of all, Muslim women who migrate to the Western Civilization don't think highly of the way women have used their "freedom." These same Muslim women actually prefer the head covering and the garment, associating this cultural dress as having self-respect.

But then, who is to say what means respect and what doesn't. Is this a relatively "cultural" opinion? Who should save everyone's conception and change their idea of self respect? Could this possibly be a feat for women of the United States? How about the ones who think that they have a voice? Well, then, USE it, I say!